Spectrum Sensing with Artificial Intelligence

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Spectrum analyser uses AI software for spectrum sensing in cellular networks as well as IOT environments

Anritsu have now enabled advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities for solving difficult problems in wireless communications systems

The system uses DeepSig’s AI machine learning (ML) technology. Radio Spectrum is a valuable asset that needs to be managed, shared, and utilised optimally in wireless networks.

New radio frequencies required to enable 6G Use Cases are becoming increasingly scarce, and there is increased attention towards the development of novel spectrum-sharing techniques. Traditional RF sensing techniques face limitations in dynamically changing wireless environments, and more advanced monitoring and signal characterisation is required.

The new instrument integrates the capabilities of the Anritsu Spectrum Analyser with DeepSig’s wireless signal detection and classification software, which is based on its AI deep learning algorithms. Employing this approach allows Anritsu to rapidly incorporate new radio signal models into their capabilities.

RF signals of interest from diverse new sources like drones and IOT devices can be learned quickly and accurately in days, rather than months, to meet fast changing customer requirements. These advanced technologies also form the foundation for AI-native RF sensing for 6G.

This integrated method will enable customers to enhance network performance, optimise spectrum utilisation, and achieve real-time adaptation to changing RF conditions.

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