DAQ Modules For High Voltage EV Applications

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DAQ modules for battery cells or modules in electric vehicles

Data acquisition measurement modules enable voltage temperature and vibration analysis on e-mobility products at battery cell or module level.

High-isolation, compact CAN measurement modules for data acquisition in high-voltage environments, such as electric vehicles and electric components, have been added to the CANSASfit range from IMC Test & Measurement.

The HISO-UT-6 module can be applied for temperature and cell voltage measurements as well as for vibration measurements with MEMS sensors. It appeals to users who, for example, conduct thermal testing on high-voltage batteries as well as investigating the impact of mechanical load and vibration on durability. Both HISO modules ensure complete personal safety at up to 1000V and can be docked to any other module in the CANSASfit series using the integrated click connector.

The module meets such demands as acquiring temperature and voltage on individual battery cells and on larger sub-modules or stacks up to 100 V, as well as measurement of current shunts at a high voltage level. At the same time, it allows for analysis of mechanical strength with respect to vibration load, which are increasingly a focus in development and testing of e-mobility components such as batteries or an entire HV infrastructure.

The second new module, HISO-T-8, offers 8 inputs for type K thermocouples on multi-channel connectors and allows safe and precise temperature measurement at a level of up to 1000 V. It is therefore suitable for thermal examination of high-voltage electric and hybrid vehicle components such as batteries, fuel cells and supply circuits.

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