Remote learning unlocks tech-led growth

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Digital growth is on the up through remote working practices

British businesses have used the disruption brought about by enforced remote working to invest in new digital technologies which has led to greater commercial growth

A report from bluQube, “Digital Transformation & Next-Gen Business Technologies”, reveals that remote working led to over three quarters of the businesses surveyed for the report bringing forward plans to invest and implement new digital technologies.

With a larger proportion identifying those same digital technologies as being responsible for driving growth, the link between new methods of working, investment in new tech and accelerated growth is firmly established.

The report also identifies an expectation of continued tech investment to both adapt to new hybrid working practices – in 36 per cent of cases – and almost half to maintain competitive advantage.

Simon Kearsley, CEO of bluQube, commented: “We’ve become accustomed to reading about the negative impacts of lockdowns but we can see from our research that the reality is more nuanced and, in fact, many businesses have benefitted significantly by implementing new systems which enable smarter working.”

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