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Young People are being encouraged to take up careers in STEM subjects

The education sector is being encouraged to fill the future skills gap in STEM subjects by raising awareness of specific roles

Although taught science and maths from an early age, children are often not made aware of how they can turn their skills and knowledge into a rewarding career.

Beyond teaching children the basic principles of maths, science, and technology, it’s important to provide context for these subjects with real-life examples, says STEM Learning. An engaging way to do this could be through freely available tools like the Infinity STARship game, which can get children excited about the possibilities of science and engineering.

In higher education, theory-based degree courses are being encouraged to have more practical elements within them in order to effectively prepare students for the world of work.

Courses that include work placements and the use of real-world, modern technologies will put students in the best position to gain employment once they’ve finished their studies.

Many students who gain entry into university have gone down the traditional A-Level route. But higher education institutions should recognise and enrol students who have taken non-traditional pathways in their education. This change will allow learners who’ve taken vocational courses to take their STEM studies to the next level. Offering alternative routes into degree courses will allow a wider pool of students to progress into STEM careers via university.

STEM roles are becoming ever more important in the UK. The pressing skills gap must be addressed and there needs to be enough talented people to fill vacancies. STEM education and awareness should begin at primary school and continue throughout education. That way, the future generation of engineering and technology professionals will be prepared for the world of work.

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