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New cleanroom facility improves safety of drug compounding

Absolute Pharmacy has taken a clean facility from Qleanair for its drug compounding service

Absolute Pharmacy provides drugs for patients treated at home or in long-term care facilities and with its new cleanroom from QleanAir, it can make sure that the compounding is done in an efficient and safe way, protecting patients, customers and employees.

The company compounds drugs to provide tailored treatments to patients and when it moved to new premises, it chose to build a new cleanroom with the help of QleanAir. The cleanroom makes a complicated and potentially hazardous process easier and safer. Within the cleanroom, the staff uses aseptic techniques to keep the products safe and clean for the patients to use. Having a cleanroom also minimises the risk of the staff inhaling potent drugs like antibiotics.

Designed, manufactured and assembled by QleanAir, the USP 797 cleanroom consists of an anteroom and a sterile compounding room, classified to ISO 8 and ISO 7 respectively.

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