Intelligent Automated Laboratories

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Collaborative robots are being used for complex handling tasks in automated test and experimentation labs for life sciences

Automated laboratories are being developed to boost productivity in R&D for chemical engineering, new materials and other industries

The project will advance lab research, testing and development through automation that works side-by-side with people. It is part of a plan to drive intelligent and digital transformation in the life science and new materials in the chemicals industry.

In 2022, the partner AI tech company in China bought over 100 GoFa cobots to create automated laboratory work-stations at its testing facility in Shanghai. By 2023, the company had launched its “Intelligent Automation” with the purpose of aiding researchers through automatic equipment.

The automated laboratory workstations can be customized to meet specific requirements, using different modules to complete various experimental steps. ABB’s GoFa cobots take on repetitive, manual tasks, while also working non-stop, accelerating the pace of experimentation and testing. The large volumes of high-quality data generated will help to boost the efficiency of the Design-Make-Test-Analyse research cycle and provide a solid foundation for driving AI for science.

Each automated workstation can perform hundreds of different tests and experiments, with ABB’s GoFa cobots operating in a range of challenging environments.

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