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The RealWear Navigator 520 gains improved display screen and wearability

Assisted reality headset can provide technical assistance to workers across different industries for maintenance and other complex tasks

RealWear has unveiled RealWear Navigator 520, a rugged assisted reality headset for frontline professionals. The latest model is a step up from the Navigator 500 with a fully redesigned viewing system, known as HyperDisplay, offering a bigger, sharper and bolder image for enhanced viewability for expanded applications.

The HyperDisplay replaces the Core Display in standard definition (SD) found in RealWear Navigator 500, offering a 20% larger high definition (HD) screen in 720p with twice the pixels, an eye box that is 5X larger, and improved eye relief (the maximum distance your eye can be from the display to view the content easily).

“Being able to use the larger display will help our customers tremendously especially with identifying minute details during critical times,” said Darren Crowder, Head of TruServices & Smart Services at Trumpf US. Trumpf is a high-tech company offering manufacturing systems in the fields of machine tools and laser technology.

According to Rama Oruganti, Chief Product Officer, RealWear, the product brings together a year of major improvements and innovations on the RealWear platform – devices, accessories, apps and cloud-based control.

“Today’s launch has set an even higher bar for an enterprise-level wearable product in the industrial wearables market,” says Orungati

Oruganti believes that RealWear’s customers are focused on resiliency and retaining technical talent through an unprecedented labour and skills shortage and the next wave of digital transformation and therefore the device is a compelling product for these moments where every minute of productivity and efficiency must count toward the bottom line.”

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