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Working with NPL resulted in a leap in accuracy for nanopositioning technology

Prior Scientific’s Queensgate nanopositioning systems for sensors and stages enable measurement and positioning to sub-nanometre levels of accuracy

The company has now achieved significant increases in the accuracy of their piezo actuated devices after working with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). It is now able to offer its systems to manufacturers of atomic force microscopes, semiconductors and 3D printers.

Its partnership with NPL gave the company access to specialist 3D metrology equipment and data analysis capabilities. Now, NPL is using Queensgate high precision nanopositioning stages for some of its atomic force microscopes, including NPL’s extremely accurate metrological AFM.

Access to NPL’s cutting-edge R&D and expertise has achieved a leap in capability that was previously unthinkable, according to Craig Goodman of Prior Scientific. “Its nanometrology and capability to capture data is unmatched and we got to work with their best mathematicians to develop the algorithms to apply to our Queensgate products,” he says.

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