Fluorescence spectrometer aids material science

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High-performance fluorescence analyser aids research at Northumbria University

Modular fluorescence analyser assists researchers at Northumbria University to develop light emitting compounds

The Fluorolog-QM modular research-grade fluorescence analyser from HORIBA UK will form an integral part of research into novel fluorophores by Dr Marc Etherington of Northumbria University, whose team is opening up new developments to offer light-based materials to reduce the energy consumption of household devices.

Dr Etherington aims to use the chemistry behind the blue glow of tonic water to modify and improve other materials to become the next generation of efficient light-emitting compounds. These compounds can then be used to reduce the energy use of displays that are used in phones and TVs.

The Fluorolog-QM spectrometer will be a key enabler of this work, providing a flexible spectroscopic platform for high-sensitivity fluorescence analysis and photoluminescence quantum yield measurements.

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