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Wireless communication equipment can be tested using WLAN as well as mobile networks

Test instrumentation supports Wi-Fi 7 TRX tests for wireless communications devices

Anritsu has extended its range of test systems for manufacturers of wireless communications devices. The Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A / MT8872A supports Wi-Fi 7 TRX tests by software options of the WLAN 802.11be TX Measurement MX887034A and WLAN 802.11be Waveforms MV887034A.

The MT8870A/MT8872A has excellent test features for manufacturing inspection of various wireless communications equipment, modules, etc., while also supporting all prior Wi-Fi TRX test standards (IEEE 802.11b/g/a/n/ac/ax).

These MX887034A and MV887034A add test features for the latest WLAN IEEE 802.11be Wi-Fi 7 standard to the MT8870A/MT8872A. These software options facilitate Wi-Fi 7 TRX testing without changing the manufacturing software and production line configurations. With these software options, manufacturers can optimise the efficiency of their equipment investment.

Development Background

Along with smartphones and tablets, all kinds of things such as home appliances, cars and factory equipment are connecting to the network, and future numbers of IoT devices are expected to increase. Network data traffic is also likely to continue increasing due to the increase in numbers of IoT devices and amounts of rich content. On the other hand, the capacity of cellular communication networks, mainly used for mobile phones, is limited. Therefore, offloading mobile data to the WLAN network is important to reduce traffic congestion.

The latest Wi-Fi 7 WLAN standard uses a wider channel bandwidth and higher-order modulation to increase data-traffic capacity. Furthermore, Wi-Fi 7 has a multi-link feature to improve the stability of even congested networks. Introduction of Wi-Fi 7 helps implement a more robust communications environment, which is expected to drive further demand for Wi-Fi 7 devices.

Consequently, Anritsu has developed these MX887034A and MV887034A options to efficiently add Wi-Fi 7 test features to customer test environment.

Product Outline

The Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A/MT8872A series is designed for developing and manufacturing various wireless communication equipment, modules, etc. Installing up to four high-performance test units in the main unit supports a seamless frequency band up to 7.3 GHz with a 200 MHz bandwidth.

Each unit measures test parameters independently in parallel, enabling the MT8870A to quickly and simultaneously evaluate multiple wireless communications devices.

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