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Tescia software captures vibration, acoustic and monitoring data

Tescia software from Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) provides a way of capturing critical data in vibration, acoustics and monitoring applications.

The software helps to reduce setup time, safeguard test items and improve data quality and test-result validation.

To enable automated conditioning monitoring tasks for rotating machinery and sensitive machinery, Tescia can support reference profiles, so users can define limit levels for every frequency, allowing the system to detect and trigger alarms when profiles are exceeded.

For long test runs or condition monitoring, a metric recorder allows users to record key metrics such as overall, band-pass, spectral lines and order values. This reduces the need for time consuming post analysis tasks, saving valuable time. Metric data can be directly imported into HBK’s BK Connect software.

For larger multichannel test campaigns, the real-time data conversion and archiving function provides the ability to convert and archive data in the right place during the test campaign, thereby avoiding time-consuming business of copying or archiving tasks after the test activity.

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