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SuperVision system has 11 cameras and surround radar based on the EyeQ6H processor

Mobileye SuperVision automated driver assist functions to be introduced in future Porsche sports cars

Porsche and Mobileye are taking part in a strategic collaboration for the production of premium ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System) products. In future models, Porsche plans to offer automated assistance and navigate-on-pilot functions based on the Mobileye SuperVision technology platform

Porsche will take a leading role in ensuring the systems are integrated and tuned by Porsche engineers. The system that monitors the driver’s attention will also be customised by the company’s in-house specialists. The same applies to its integration in the intuitive user interface of the Porsche Communication Management system.

“We are delighted to work together with Porsche to bring the next generation of driving technology to customers around the world,” says Prof Amnon Shashua, President and CEO of Mobileye. “We use technological innovations to improve the driving experience at world-class level. We developed the Mobileye SuperVision system to enhance safety through the interaction of the driver and the vehicle.”

“In most situations, drivers will continue to want to drive a Porsche themselves in the future – and will be able to do so at any time. This said, there are certain aspects of partially automated driving that we are interested in. Intelligent systems like Mobileye SuperVision technology can aid the driver in everyday situations, for example by not having to keep their hands on the wheel the entire time in traffic jams,” says Michael Steiner, Board Member for Research and Development at Porsche and Head of Development at the Volkswagen Group. In the field of automated driving functions, the Volkswagen Group is already collaborating with Bosch and Qualcomm and in China with Horizon Robotics.

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