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Ricardo partnership for battery system development for niche high performance vehicle market

Ricardo is working alongside InoBat to supply battery systems for electrification programmes for high performance vehicles

As part of its mission to support the decarbonisation of the global transport and energy sectors, Ricardo has signed a memorandum of understanding with InoBat, a pioneer of premium electric vehicle battery R&D, engineering, production and recycling, to jointly supply battery cells, modules and packs to high performance automotive manufacturers for their electrification programmes. The international strategic environmental and engineering consultancy company will bring to bear its expertise in niche manufacturing and industrial engineering as well as providing support in complex logistics operations.

Ricardo and InoBat will co-operate on the assembly, production and testing of cells, modules and full battery packs for a number of high performance automotive applications.

InoBat has the expertise and established experience in research & development operations for proprietary battery cells and large-scale battery cell production. In this capacity, the company will provide the manufacturing and test engineering support needed for the supply of battery cells. Ricardo will use its engineering and manufacturing services skills and experience in the clean and efficient integration of propulsion and energy systems. In this capacity, it will design, assemble and test the battery packs and will supply them to customers principally in the high performance automotive market, but also in other sectors such as aerospace and defence, seeking to accelerate their product decarbonisation.

According to Martin Starkey, Managing Director of Ricardo Performance Products, Ricardo’s future manufacturing strategy is very much aligned to the emerging need for electrified vehicle components for the high performance automotive vehicles and other equally demanding applications.

“Making the best use of our proven track record in industrialising technology, we are delighted to be working with InoBat to help establish a robust supply chain for critical electrification components. In doing so, we will accelerate the adoption of electrification in these and other critical sectors by providing a robust supply route for key battery products. In addition, we are helping to contribute to the green bounce back through sustainable practices, and helping to accelerate net zero ambitions,” he says.

Iain Wight, Chief Commercial Officer of InoBat added that Ricardo’s long history of innovation and engineering experience make it the ideal partner for InoBat enabling their complementary capabilities and approaches to battery development and production to be used to ensure that manufacturers have access to the components they need, when they need them, helping accelerate the move to green mobility.

“I am delighted that we are partnering with a company with a shared sustainability ethos and, through collaboration, InoBat and Ricardo can help pave the way to a greener future,” he says.

This collaboration with InoBat further enhances Ricardo’s capability in the production and supply of critical electric vehicle components. In September 2021, Ricardo received UK Government funding to assess the commercial viability of a facility to assemble battery packs for UK manufacturers which produce fewer than 10,000 electrified vehicles per year. These UK electrified vehicle manufacturers included some of the world’s best known prestige brands which create their luxury cars, special vehicles, or off-highway machines for a customer base in the low thousands. The economic study was funded by the Advanced Propulsion Centre’s Automotive Transformation Fund supported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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