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Rainer Zietlow climbS highest passable mine road in Bolivia with electric traction

Record-breaking driver Rainer Zietlow climbs the Uturuncu in Bolivia in an electric VW ID.4 GTX

Last year, Rainer Zietlow completed the longest journey by an electric vehicle in a single country, beating the previous Guinness World Record. He was making another record attempt with the VW ID.4 GTX to climb the world’s highest, still passable mine road at the Uturuncu volcano in Bolivia using only electric power. By doing so, he achieved an altitude gain of 5,816 metres, thus securing another Guinness World Record.

Zietlow stated that the goal was to show that electromobility is capable of high performance at extreme altitudes, something that was achieved in thin air on sandy and rocky slopes.

Commenting on the achievement, Marco Grinblats, Managing Director at Harting Automotive, which supplies charging cables and is the original equipment manufacturer of the on-board charging cables for the VW, said, “We are delighted for the team on this achievement, which has once again sent an important signal and raised awareness of the fight against climate change.”

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