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UTAC enhances its vehicle test programmes with integrated simulation

Test house UTAC has bought into automotive simulation to diversify its products and offer integrated testing and simulation services

Global motor industry test house, UTAC, now holds a 15% stake in AVSimulation a supplier of automotive simulation solutions, enabling the company to offer a comprehensive package of simulation scenarios that cover all the main regulatory and consumer testing requirements (such as NCAP).

More specifically, it will integrate its test scenarios into AVSimulation’s SCANeR platform, providing automotive manufacturers with the ability to assess how well their systems are performing right from the design phase and throughout the development cycle. This will help reduce the time and costs involved in designing and developing the vehicles and systems of the future.

Results obtained on-track confirm that the scenarios developed by UTAC are extremely realistic and accurate and meet standards in many parts of the world.

Using the SCANeR studio software, users can build and run ultra-realistic scenarios on either a PC or a driving simulator. The associated SCANeR explore software automatically generates millions of relevant scenarios by adjusting all the parameters that might affect the systems being tested.

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