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Antenna test system offers a new temperature test option

The ATS1500C automotive radar test chamber from Rohde & Schwarz provides unique features for increasing test efficiency and flexibility

The R&S ATS1500C antenna test system from Rohde & Schwarz offers a new temperature test option and a new feed antenna. These additional features enable temperature-controlled measurements in a wide temperature range as well as parallel access to both polarisations, increasing test efficiency and flexibility.

The movable R&S ATS1500C is a compact antenna test range (CATR) based antenna test chamber. It is carefully designed to eliminate ghost targets within the chamber during target simulation tests and includes a highly accurate positioner for angular measurements.

It has the option of the R&S ARC-TEMP temperature test. Which creates a temperature-controlled enviroment for the radar under test and supports a wide range from -40 °C to +85 °C. The heated or cooled air is provided by an external thermal air stream system that supplies the air to the temperature bubble mounted on the positioner. This changes the temperature without affecting the chamber’s measurement performance. This feature makes it possible to automate measurements at different temperatures without a separate climatic chamber, which increases radar testing speed.

In addition, the new R&S ARC-FX90 universal feed antenna, which supports 60 GHz to 90 GHz, can be added to the R&S ATC1500C. The antenna includes an orthomode transducer, which enables parallel access to vertical and horizontal polarisations.

Characterisation Capabilities

With these new options for the R&S ATS1500C, developers can efficiently characterise RF transmitters, calibrate antenna manifolds, measure antenna patterns, test robustness against interference, check compliance with regulations such as ETSI and FCC as well as plan testing and calibration procedures for later mass production. The R&S ATS1500C is used as a reference environment before porting the procedures to a production tester.

In combination with the R&S AREG800A automotive radar echo generator, the R&S ATS1500C is the most complete system on the market for automotive radar module development, validation, calibration and compliance testing.

The new R&S ARC-FX90 universal feed will be available at the end of 2022 and the R&S ARC-TEMP temperature option in Q1 2023. Both options are hardware extensions to the R&S ATS1500C and can be retrofitted.

Automotive Test Specialist

The antenna test system forms part of the range of products that Rohde & Schwarz supplies for the entire automotive lifecycle from pre-development through to production. OEMs, tier 1s, chip suppliers and engineering service providers around the world are users of the company’s test systems for automotive radar, connectivity, infotainment, high-performance computing and EMC compliance.

The company has a number of products for radar testing, which are still in development to support the next generation of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving) systems. With its connectivity conformance products aligned to standards from 5G and C-V2X to UWB, Wi-Fi and GNSS, Rohde & Schwarz instruments enable the development and debugging of in-vehicle networks with high bus speeds as well as ECUs such as high-performance domain controllers, and help to eliminate EMC issues.

Rohde & Schwarz also offers T&M equipment and custom turnkey test systems for carrying out EMI and EMS measurements on vehicles and vehicle components in line with all major CISPR, ISO and manufacturer-specific EMC standards. These systems and equipment support full vehicle antenna testing and wireless coexistence testing with the user’s own systems and instruments.

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