Support for autonomous vehicles reaches over 75%

Research by TRL centred on the GATEway autonomous vehicle project reveals high levels of acceptance to this new approach to transport. The team beh... read more

Hydrogen fuelled road sweeper delivered to Aberdeen

Road sweeping in Aberdeen will become less polluting with the use of trucks using hydrogen dual fuel power trains. ULEMCo has collaborated with Abe... read more

Scotland expands EV charging network

New 50kW twin vehicle rapid charging stations have been installed at Euro Garages locations in Scotland. eVolt UK has installed the latest versions... read more

Rotherham transport company reduces environmental impact

Transport operator uses telematics, monitoring and driver training to reduce its impact on the urban environment and save on fuel costs. Rotherham ... read more

Vehicle to grid intelligent control project gains funding

ByteSnap Design will take part in a Vehicle to Grid Intelligent Control project to develop technology to optimise vehicle to grid connectivity. Ele... read more