Academic research aims to lighten rail bogies

  The future of rail freight is at the heart of a project at the University of Huddersfield to lighten railway bogies with improved materials.... read more

Testing scheme for assuring large vehicle retrofits

Accreditation scheme has started for testing and certifying retrofit pollution reduction systems to buses and other large vehicles. For a number of... read more

Fleet operators take part in LNG trucks trial

Cenex will take part in a UK trial of low emission goods vehicles powered by compressed and liquified natural gas. Cenex is involved in the UK’s ... read more

Renault takes victory in Formula E championship

Technological innovation in e-mobility transfers from Formula E championship victory into everyday motoring at Renault. Created three years ago, th... read more

Hydrogen mobility programme begins in Japan

The Toyota Mobility Foundation launches its Hydrogen Society programme for carbon-free sustainable mobility. A "hydrogen society" is a set of commu... read more