Miniature triaxial IEPE accelerometer

Very small form factor triaxial accelerometer minimises mass loading on test structure during acceleration measurements. Meggitt introduces the ult... read more

Wireless vibration meter data sharing system

Data gathered from vibration screening of rotating equipment can now be shared wirelessly using the Fluke Connect data sharing platform. Fluke has ... read more

Vibration reference source for sensor verification

A 1g reference source from Meggitt provides engineers with confidence in vibration measurement chain for imperial or metric systems. Meggitt Sensin... read more

Vibration platform and control loading system for full flight simulator

\r\n\r\n \r\n Sogitec Industries, a subsidiary of Dassault Aviation, was awarded a contract from Nahema (NATO Helicopter D&D Production an... read more

Modular accelerometer mounting system for vibration measurement

Threaded mounting blocks offer easy fitting and replacement of vibration sensing accelerometers, potentially reducing costs for long term testing. ... read more