Earth imaging cubesats ready for launch

The Global-1 SmallSat is complete and qualified ready for launch to provide global high resolution earth imaging services. The BlackSky geospatial ... read more

Challenger legacy boosts STEM with lessons from space

The legacy of Challenger shuttle astronaut Christa McAuliffe will be continued this year with the delivery of filmed lessons from astronauts on the IS... read more

Production starts on satellite maintenance vehicle

Intelsat will use a second Mission Extension Vehicle for docking and performing maintenance tasks on existing satellites in orbit. Orbital ATK has ... read more

High altitude long endurance solar UAS venture

AeroVironment will develop unmanned aviation technology in joint venture for high altitude, long endurance flights for remote sensing and other applic... read more

Lasers to provide high bandwidth space mission communications

The NASA mission to explore the Psyche asteroid will send acquired data and images to earth using high bandwidth laser communications. Communicatio... read more