Ramjet testing with variable air flow

A new ramjet test facility has opened in West Virginia which varies the airflow around the intake to simulate varying flight paths. Jonathan Newell re... read more

Rocket motor test demonstration for US Air Force

Orbital ATK has successfully demonstrated its medium class solid rocket motor to America's air force in a ground level static fire test. The US Air... read more

Cheops satellite undergoes environmental testing

Intespace has been stressing the Cheops satellite using vibration and impact testing as well as molecular contamination risk assessment. Intespace ... read more

Vibration testing of delicate systems

Laser doppler vibration measurement sensors have been used for structural testing of glass microchannel plates at a space research centre in the UK. ... read more

Lobster-eye imager detects soft X-rays

X-Ray imager with wide field of view provides detection capabilities for solar wind emissions. Solar winds are known for powering dangerous space w... read more