Guidance on bus transport in urban developments

Professional transport body releases guidance to urban planners and transport developers on creating an improved environment for public road transport... read more

North Wales examines rural charging infrastructure feasibility

Cenex will work in Wrexham and North Wales on a feasibility study to examine the potential for creating EV charging infrastructure in rural areas. ... read more

European car makers cooperate on electric infrastructure

Ionity has been formed based on mainly German car manufacturers to create a brand agnostic network of charging infrastructure across Europe. A high... read more

Intelligent drive programme reaches Shanghai

Mercedes-Benz is testing its autonomous S Class on the streets of Shanghai to account for the specifics of the Chinese urban motoring experience. P... read more

Safety focus at intelligent transport systems event

Toyota will present its vision of safe motoring in smart cities of the future using intelligent communication systems at the ITS congress this year in... read more