Human recognition sensor module

Automated machine response to human attributes now possible at close and long range with multi function human recognition sensor module. Omron’s ... read more

LiDAR mapping assists UK ecological surveys

A land resource assessment and ecological surveying company is using laser mapped 3D models from LiDAR and IR maps for its analysis. WSP is using a... read more

Liquid level switches gain hardening for industrial use

The Optomax range of level switches from SST Sensing is now available with greater electrical robustness to suit industrial applications. Strengthe... read more

On-vehicle measurement of aerodynamic pressure

Evolution Measurement has developed a compact pressure scanner that provides accurate measurements for aerodynamic design in motor sport. It is a v... read more

Contactless torque sensing for pumps and valves

Bifold Group has chosen TorqSense equipment as part of its test rigs for measuring torque in pump and valve products for the oil and gas industry. ... read more