Report calls for action on UK air pollution

The IMechE has created a report that examines air pollution across the UK and makes recommendations for tackling pollution and reducing emissions. ... read more

Research examines alternative materials for railway stock

The University of Huddersfield is involved in a project to examine the use of novel materials and 3D printing for lightening rolling stock bogies. ... read more

University railway researchers to work with Network Rail

Researchers at the University of Huddersfield will assist the UK rail network body in studies in reliability and safety. Network Rail is to harness... read more

3D printing research aims for sub-miniature antennas

3D printed sensors, antennas and other electronic components is the aim of nanomaterial printing research taking place at Carnegie Mellon. Producti... read more

Lasers to provide high bandwidth space mission communications

The NASA mission to explore the Psyche asteroid will send acquired data and images to earth using high bandwidth laser communications. Communicatio... read more