Optical sensor head for testing laser chips

Yokogawa adds an optical sensor head to its range for use in test platforms for high throughput optical devices. The AQ2200-232 is a new high-perfo... read more

Inverted metallurgical microscope for material inspection

Multiple observation methods, inversion and comprehensive software on the Olympus metallurgical microscope make material analysis more straightforward... read more

Human recognition sensor module

Automated machine response to human attributes now possible at close and long range with multi function human recognition sensor module. Omron’s ... read more

Image sensing devices enable next level of vehicle autonomy

A new range of CMOS image sensors have been developed to meet the requirements for taking vehicle technology to the next level of autonomous control. ... read more

Image sensing collaboration for ADAS and autonomy

Internet giant Baidu and ON Semiconductor are collaborating on integrating image sensors into the Apollo Autonomous Driving Platform. ON Semiconduc... read more