Analyser management software reduces cost for oil producers

New metering tool from Hint is available to reduce the costs of workplace and laboratory analyser management within the cost sensitive oil industry. ... read more

Gas flow sensors for extreme environments

Morgan is using its experience in gas transducers and materials technology to develop a range of gas flow sensors that can withstand extreme temperatu... read more

Explosion resistant LED lighting for harsh environments

Maintenance free, explosion protected LED light fittings have been designed for operating in the harsh marine environments of oil and gas platforms. ... read more

Electric motors provide pressure for depleted oil fields

Older oil and gas fields in Oman are having their natural pressure boosted to sustain extraction using motor and drive systems from WEG. Achieving ... read more

Xenon strobe beacons for the petroleum industry

A new range of explosian proof xenon strobe beacons for visual alarm signalling in harsh environments is being showcased at Chinese petrochemical indu... read more