Scotland expands EV charging network

New 50kW twin vehicle rapid charging stations have been installed at Euro Garages locations in Scotland. eVolt UK has installed the latest versions... read more

Reproducible road condition testing with HIL simulation

Subaru is using HIL technology with LabVIEW software from NI to reduce prototype road testing cycle times for electric vehicles. Major automotive m... read more

Indoor winter vehicle test facility expands

The Test World facility has been expanded to provide winter testing for automotive technology including tyres, ADAS and sensors. Millbrook's Test W... read more

Vehicle to grid intelligent control project gains funding

ByteSnap Design will take part in a Vehicle to Grid Intelligent Control project to develop technology to optimise vehicle to grid connectivity. Ele... read more

EV charging station information available on US navigation devices

Owners of TomTom equipment in the USA now have access to location, payment and connector information for EV chargin points across the country. TomT... read more