Collaborative research on human centred vehicle autonomy

MIT and Autoliv have agreed to work together on research that will focus on the development of driver trust in autonomous vehicle systems. Autoliv ... read more

Lane drift correction technology for commercial vehicles

Active steering technology improves safety for commercial vehicle operators by autonomously correcting lane drifting. WABCO has introduced OnLaneAS... read more

300 million dollar autonomous driving fund

Samsung's Harman division has created an autonomous driving and ADAS division under new 300 million dollar funding programme. Samsung Electronics h... read more

Intelligent steer-by-wire for autonomous control

Nexteer is helping to enable high levels of vehicle autonomy with its steer-by-wire vehicle control products. Nexteer Automotive is continuing to e... read more

Radar technology development for vehicle autonomy

Autoliv to supply radars to vehicle manufacturer to support growth in autonomy through accurate detection and awareness systems. Autoliv has been s... read more