Wireless pressure sensing for harsh environments

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Wireless pressure transmitter
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Pressure transducers with ability to be paired to wireless transceivers enable process and field monitoring in remote and harsh environmental conditions.

Impress Sensors & Systems will be attending Utility Week Live this year to showcase a new range of easy-to-install wireless pressure transducers for harsh, inaccessible environments. These transducers are easily paired to either a single or a five-channel wireless receiver, providing cost effective pressure measurement.

The IWPT series of stainless steel wireless pressure transmitters is a replacement for a traditional wired pressure transducer, but also offers the advantages of low cost installation (ie without expensive cable runs) in inaccessible, remote and high cost installation environments. Typical applications include environmental monitoring (pumping stations, sewage plants and water treatment), facilities management (boiler rooms, plant hydraulics and pneumatics), and asset monitoring (tank farms, process plants, HVAC and building management).

IWPT pressure transmitters are easily paired with the IWR series of single- or five-channel wireless receivers, thus offering a plug-and-play system for pressure measurement applications. The IWPT transmitter uses a piezoresistive thick film ceramic sensor mounted within a 316 stainless steel housing that provides excellent media compatibility for the harshest of applications. A swivel adaptor is available that allows the sensor head to be easily aligned to the IWR receiver. A line-of-sight range of up to 750 metres is possible between transmitter and receiver, depending on the wireless receiver used.

The IWPT transmitter is available in nominal pressure ranges from 1 to +400 bar gauge. A five-year battery life at 10-second transmission update rate ensures the device can perform reliably in remote or inaccessible installations. Each device is temperature-compensated, calibrated and supplied with a traceable serial number.

The IWR-1 (single channel) and IWR-5 (five-channel) wireless receivers have user-selectable voltage or mA outputs that correspond to the calibrated pressure range of the remote IWPT wireless pressure transmitters, as well as 5A rated changeover contacts for alarm functionality. User channel configuration is also possible by using the IWR-Set program, which ensures minimal user set up time.

At the show, Impress Sensors will also showcase a number of different submersible level, pressure and temperature transmitters, including a flush diaphragm, IP68 pressure sensor for underground applications.

The company can be found at Utility Week Live 2017 on stand G21 from 23-24 May 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham

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