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TRL is driving for greater clarity in the way the problem of air pollution is being tackled in the UK and has published a white paper on the subject.

On the UK’s first National Clean Air Day, which was held on 15th June, TRL issued a call for greater clarity about who is responsible for tackling the air quality issues facing the UK currently.

One of the chief concerns facing the sector is how to ensure a coordinated approach in the search for methods of improving air quality. With so many agencies involved, there is a lot of noise and no clear source of independent, unbiased information on which to base decisions.

Therefore the TRL Academy has launched its brand-new white paper, ‘A Breath of Fresh Air: A Holistic Approach to Reconcile Future Transport with Improved Air Quality’, which is based on discussions held at the organisation’s annual symposium.

Speakers from government agencies, such as Transport for London, and academics from Kings College London, as well as TRL itself, combined to present the insight the white paper draws upon. It explores the problem of poor air quality in our urban areas and the range of possible solutions that are currently being studied or trialled with the potential to reduce pollution levels, as well as addressing the issue of creating a coordinated approach.

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