VW signs image processing partnership for driverless cars

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Mobileye and VW forge partnership at CES 2016

Mobileye is partnering with Volkswagen to provide the auto manufacturer with the image processing capability to support autonomous vehicles.

Announcing a new partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 this week, car manufacturer VolksWagen will work with automated image processing company, Mobileye to develop the technology needed for camera-based real time image processing to be used alongside precision digital maps to support autonomous driving.

Mobileye’s CEO, Professor Amnon Shashua and Volkswagen’s chairman, Dr Diess signed the letter of intent to enter the partnership during the CES 2016 event which is currently taking place in Las Vegas, stating that the objective of the joint efforts of the companies is to develope intelligent technologies for monitoring the surroundings as the automotive industry in Europe goes through its digital transformation.

By combining Mobileye’s optical sensors within the vehicles with digitalised mapping systems, these maps can be continuously updated with real-time information about the car’s surrounding. With the cameras installed in large numbers of cars, the mapping information that results from this “swarm data” will be highly precise and up to date.

Such detailed levels of accuracy are one of the fundamental requirements for achieving autonomous control of vehicles as well as helping to improve the development of advanced driver assist and safety systems.

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