Volvo demonstrates autonomous mining truck

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Increased automation for Volvo HGV equipment

A fully autonomous construction vehicle used in the mining industry is being demonstrated in Sweden by Volvo.

Part of a wider research and development project into autonomous vehicles conducted by Volvo, a new heavy goods vehicle is being unveiled by the company in Sweden to demonstrate how autonomy can help with the efficiency and safety of goods transport in industrial applications.

The research is being conducted by Volvo Group alongside Saab’s technology consulting company, Combitech. The HGV is able to operate and navigate in fully autonomous mode both on the surface as well as undeground in the mining industry using sensors and GPS technology to continuously read its surroundings whilst navigating fixed and movable obstacles and gathering data via its transport system in order to optimise its route whilst ensuring traffic safety. The truck requires no manual supervision, but rather is part of the customer’s total transport system that controls the entire production process.

Commenting on the truck’s potential to increase productivity whilst improving fuel efficiency and safety, Volvo Group executive board member and Chief Technology Officer, Torbjörn Holmström said, “The Volvo Group has been conducting research into autonomous vehicles for several years and we are delighted to have already developed a truck that we believe will ultimately revolutionise the mining industry.”

The truck is one of several research projects being carried out to develop and test various aspects of autonomous control, the aim of which is to create sustainable transport and improve traffic safety.

“Automation is an exciting field of technology where advances are moving quickly. Vehicles already exist and we expect to see more autonomy in the future. But our customers are already benefiting from this technology today since we apply the same principles to our active safety systems,” says Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of Volvo.

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