Virtual proving grounds for online and offline simulation

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Virtual proving ground for automotive simulation
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VI-grade enters agreement on the supply of virtual laser-scanned proving grounds within its range of offline and online simulation packages.

VI-grade has reached an agreement with Applus+ IDIADA, a specialist in providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services to the automotive industry, to model and distribute on a worldwide basis their Virtual Proving Ground. Thanks to this agreement, it will be possible to use road data files and graphic scenarios both for offline (on software products such as VI-CarRealTime from VI-grade for real-time vehicle dynamics simulation as well as MSC Adams) and online (on all driving simulation systems from VI-grade) simulations.

In detail, the test tracks that have already been laser scanned by Applus+ IDIADA will be converted by VI-grade in road data files and high resolution graphic files, in order to be seamlessly used with software products VI-CarRealTime and MSC Adams as well as with VI-GraphSim, the graphic engine of VI-grade’s driving simulators (compact, static and DiM).

“Thanks to this technical and commercial partnership, we expect to further increase our competitiveness in the field of both offline and online automotive simulations” said Guido Bairati, International Sales Director, VI-grade. “This partnership provides yet another classic example of our mission of bridging the gap between testing and simulation and therefore fits very well with our corporate strategy. Customers can now work with Applus+ IDIADA to prepare their vehicle tests on virtual tracks on driving simulators: the same tests can then be executed on real proving ground for further validation. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with Applus+ IDIADA!”

“Having the possibility to offer to our customers also a virtual version of our Proving Ground will open up new business opportunities for Applus+ IDIADA” said Javier Gutierrez, Project Manager, Applus + IDIADA. “Simulation tools and driving simulators are becoming more and more instrumental in the vehicle development process and we, at Applus+ IDIADA, are always keen to offer to our leading customers top-edge technologies to support them in their development and testing activities.”

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