Virtual prototyping helps child seat designer

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Virtual Seat model of child safety seat

Future child seats could benefit from extensive pre-production prototyping to improve performance using industry-specific design simulation software.

Virtual prototyping specialist company, ESI Group has signed up to a strategic partnership with JMDA, a global child car seat design and development specialist, the purpose being for JMDA and ESI to enable child car seat manufacturers to reach new levels of technical understanding and design excellence.

The main benefit of combining child car seat design and Virtual Prototyping using ESI’s Virtual Seat system is to virtually test a proposed design, to gain information about expected product performance and regulatory compliance before committing to major investments. The seat and its restraint system can be optimised early on in the design phase and reaching higher performance levels, whilst reducing product development and manufacturing costs. What’s more, Virtual Seat enables manufacturers to achieve Virtual Pre-Certification, accelerating the product certification process while lowering R&D costs and making less conservative design decisions.

Derrick Barker, Managing Director of JMDA, says: “Our alliance with ESI Group is an important landmark in JMDA’s history, marrying together our experience in child restraint design and development with the state-of-the-art Virtual Seat simulation software. It opens up fresh opportunities to innovate, prove new concepts, test the limits and establish sound due diligence evaluations for new designs. We can also research the impact of planned changes in regulations to further support the industry”. Derrick adds, “Working together with ESI, we have over 65 years combined technical capability which we will continue to use to help evolve product design and ultimately make child car seats even safer.”

General Manager of ESI UK, Marco Aloe explains: “Having been involved in virtual prototyping for the automotive industry for over 40 years, ESI is proposing the use of Virtual Seat, unique software to design and develop car seats completely virtually, from end-to-end. For our partner JMDA, virtual prototyping provides the best method available to catch up with fast evolving regulations and to launch innovations within the time and budget available.”

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