Virtual prototyping aids child seat design

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Virtual Seat for modelling child safety restraints

A designer of child safety seats is using virtual prototyping software from ESI to help in the development of new models of seat for in-vehicle comfort and safety.

Child car safety seat designer and specialist company, JMDA has signed up to a partnership with ESI Group to make use of virtual prototyping in the design of new seats in the company’s product range. With the complex dynamics of seating in terms of ergonomics and crash mitigation performance, the company can gain significant advantages from virtually testing proposed designs to establish the product performance against expectations as well as regulatory compliance before making capital expenditure commitments on tooling for finished products.

The seat and its restraint system can be optimised early on in the design phase and thereby reaching higher performance levels, while reducing product development and manufacturing costs. What’s more, the “Virtual Seat” product from ESI enables manufacturers to achieve Virtual Pre-Certification, accelerating the product certification process while lowering R&D costs and making less conservative design decisions.

Commenting on the agreement with ESI on the use of Virtual Seat, JMDA’s Derrick Barker said, “The use of ESI’s simulation software, Virtual Seat, opens up fresh opportunities to innovate, prove new concepts, test the limits and establish sound due diligence evaluations for new designs. We can also research the impact of planned changes in regulations to further support the industry.”

ESI’s General Manager in the UK, Marco Aloe continued, “Virtual Seat is unique software for the design and development of car seats completely virtually from end-to-end. For JMDA, ESI’s virtual prototyping software provides the best method available to catch up with fast evolving regulations and to launch innovative new products within the time and budget available.”

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