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Multiple frequency handheld shaker

A 1g reference source from Meggitt provides engineers with confidence in vibration measurement chain for imperial or metric systems.

Meggitt Sensing Systems has released the ReferenceMate advanced portable vibration reference source with multiple frequency outputs. Hailed as an industry first that eliminates manual conversions between imperial, metric or calibration sheet values, the handheld shaker has a number of self-diagnostic features to ensure data integrity.

ReferenceMate delivers a known vibration level that enables users in the field to easily verify sensor performance and the integrity of the cabling and connectors between the sensor and the data acquisition system. According to Stuart Parker, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “ReferenceMate allows you to have confidence in your entire measurement chain before beginning expensive tests or taking critical data.”

Trust in the reference source is fundamental to verifying the accelerometer setup. ReferenceMate is designed with a multitude of features to assure the user that the reference vibration is accurate and the unit is functioning properly. LED indicators illuminate if battery levels are low or if the unit is overloaded. Internal test points, accessed via the battery cavity, verify the calibration of the internal reference accelerometer, which maintains a 1g test level for sensors weighing up to 250 grammes.

Frequency and measurement type (peak or RMS) can be selected in accordance with the user’s requirements.

* 61.4 Hz for imperial measurements: 1 g (acceleration) equivalent to 1 in/sec (velocity)
* 100 Hz to simulate standard calibration conditions
* 159.2 Hz for metric measurements: 9.81 m/sec2 (acceleration) equivalent to 9.81 mm/sec (velocity)

Affordable ReferenceMate kitted systems include common mounting accessories for a variety of applications. The REF2510 kit includes the commonly used 1/4-28 to 1/4-28 mounting stud for monitoring industrial manufacturing equipment and rotating machinery. The REF2520 kit includes additional mounting adaptors for test and measurement users involved with applications such as general laboratory vibration, automotive, research, component reliability, and consumer electronics. Both kits include a carrying case with shoulder strap to organize accessories for easy transport. Battery life of up to 40 continuous hours allows extensive tests. The shaker can also be DC powered to eliminate downtime.

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