Vibration platform and control loading system for full flight simulator

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Vibration platform and loading system for flight simulator
Sogitec Industries, a subsidiary of Dassault Aviation, was awarded a contract from Nahema (NATO Helicopter D&D Production and Logistics Management Agency) for the design and production of six NH90 full flight simulators. The training systems are to be delivered to the French Army and Navy in 2015, including an FFS for the Army Aviation.
The Moog Vibration Platform is integrated into a mechanical frame assembly to provide realistic levels of vibration in vertical, lateral and longitudinal directions, to reproduce specific NH90 helicopter feel and offer more realistic cueing. The controls of the vibration platform, control loading system and seat have been designed to support the correct spectrum, amplitude and trend of vibration through the desired operating envelope on a vibration mass of 1,200 kg.
Christian Normandin, contract manager of Sogitec Industries, commented on the selection of Moog for this international program for the development and production of the NH90 FFS: “The NH90 is the helicopter of choice for modern armed forces requiring top performance and safety. Based on their long experience with FFSs, and commitment to deliver the best possible performance, Moog was able to design and manufacture the vibration platform and control loading system to provide the NH90 pilots with the most realistic training.”

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