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Vibration Monitoring Terminal

A vibration monitoring terminal is now available that provides information on potential structural damage and human response to vibration levels.

Brüel & Kjær has announced the release of its new Vibration Monitoring Terminal Type 3680. This innovative device enables users to effectively protect against structural damage risks in construction and mining, assess human response to ground-borne vibration from road and rail traffic and monitor background vibration to ensure sensitive equipment operates correctly.

The robust unit provides uninterrupted, tri-axial, real-time ground vibration measurement to help avoid harming buildings. It automatically delivers alerts to avoid breeching set limits and provides reports proving regulatory compliance.

The Vibration Monitoring Terminal also reliably assesses vibration impact from traffic. It enables users to efficiently conduct background surveys prior to new construction, as well as receive accurate data to evaluate vibration mitigation techniques.

In addition, the system monitors background vibration for organisations such as hospitals, semiconductor manufacturing plants and museums. It helps ensure patient comfort at medical facilities, trusted monitoring of delicate equipment to avoid costly errors and reduced risk of artefact damage.

The Vibration Monitoring Terminal operates stand-alone or with Sentinel for comprehensive, multi-location, vibration compliance monitoring.

Standalone devices come with a smartphone app enabling setup, remote display and operation from anywhere and data transfer to standard post-processing applications.

Key features include:

* Metrics for a wide range of applications
* Continuous, uninterrupted monitoring 24/7
* Real-time vibration alerts based on level and time of day
* Real-time reporting and troubleshooting with Sentinel
* Built-in remote access so no need to visit a site to retrieve data
* A single tri-axial geophone for full coverage of vibration levels
* Rugged, self-contained unit including tri-axial real-time measurement, wireless communication, back-up battery and environmental protection
* Power-lean device with in-built system health monitoring

“When you need to reduce structural damage risks to nearby buildings, assess human response to vibration or just monitor background vibration levels, you have to have a flexible device you can rely on. The Vibration Monitoring Terminal does it all with minimum effort required,” said Product Manager Douglas Manvell. “It provides real-time information that lets you make critical decisions that avoid non-compliance and meet your social licence obligations.”

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