US smart city to get collision avoidance technology for buses

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The US transport authority is providing Mobileye technology for collision prevention to be fitted to public transport for the winner of the Smart City challenge.

Launched last month, the “Smart City” challenge is open to US cities submitting details of their plans to create a transport environment that uses data, technology and creativity to determine how people and freight move within the future. The aim is to make transport in the city safer, easier and more reliable.

To support the future winner of the challenge, the US Department of Transportation (DoT) is entering into partnerships with technology providers such as Mobileye.

Collision avoidance for public transport

Mobileye will supply the future smart city with it’s Shield +TM technology which will be installed on every bus and which is a forward vision sensor that detects obstructions in the path of the bus and protect road users from collisions, including vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and users of motorcycles.

Commenting on the inclusion of such technology within the challenge, the US DoT’s Secretary, Anthony Foxx said, “The funding and technology contributed by our private sector partners will assist the selected city in using data-driven information to make their transport systems safer and more efficient and prepare for the future of their transport needs.”

Speaking about the Smart City challenge from the US DoT, Mobileye’s Professor Amnon Shashua stated, “We are excited to be working alongside the US DoT on this challenge, which motivates American cities and communities to embrace forward-looking approaches to the transport challenges that they will be grappling with in the coming decades.”

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