Universal video extensometer for material testing

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Universal Video Extensometer

A non-contact universal video extensometer is now available as an alternative to strain gauges for measuring material properties.

Non-contact precision measurement specialist Imetrum announces the launch of its new integrated material testing system, UVX. Designed specifically for use in high-throughput routine testing laboratories, the new Universal Video Extensometer (UVX) is set to change how standard material properties are measured.

Imetrum’s UVX system is designed to seamlessly integrate with all the main manufacturers’ test machines and every aspect of the system has been developed to both maximise throughput speed and minimise the opportunity for experimental errors, whether from specimen type, test setup or user technique.

Imetrum’s video extensometers have always been a cost effective alternative to strain gauging material test coupons, with ROI periods as low as 2 months. The introduction of UVX means that replacing contacting extensometers is now also cost-effective. This is down to both the time savings of the test process (especially if there is a need to remove a gauge prior to failure or if a sample is delicate) and the elimination of the risk of damage either from specimen failure or of accidental crushing.

Key to the simplicity and ease of use of the UVX system are the unique pre-calibrated extensometer modules. Specified by gauge length and strain range, the operator simply clips in the module suitable for the specified test, defines the measurement and the data is captured. This means that the test technician or materials engineer does not need to understand optics, or worry about focus, camera settings or lighting. As you would expect, UVX can be calibrated to meet ASTM E83 class B-1 or ISO 9513 class 0.5, even for short gauge lengths and low strains. It is also supplied with a custom designed stamp for accurate, repeatable specimen marking and traceable ‘Validation Blocks’ to ensure that users always set the system up correctly.

The complete system is controlled by Imetrum’s intuitive Video Gauge software that is not only the most advanced on the market but also incredibly simple to use. Test templates can be saved and re-loaded, and starting the next test does not require careful manual positioning, either on a coupon or in software. The system can directly output tensile and compressive strains and extensions, stress-strain curves, modulus and Poisson’s Ratio, as well as be used for an automatic determination of crack-length and for full-field Digital Image Correlation (DIC).

Physically, the instrument has been designed with a repeatable swing-away and back mechanism for efficient specimen changing. The articulated carbon fibre arm can also accommodate chambers, furnaces and test enclosures / safety screens. UVX means that the data quality advantages of Imetrum’s video extensometers, such as eliminating knife edges slipping or causing damage to the specimen, are now efficient and affordable.

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