UKAS accreditation for marine sediment testing

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Marine sediment testing services accreditation

ESG receives UKAS accreditation relating to marine sediment testing services for offshore environmental monitoring.

An internationally recognised quality standard, UKAS accreditation builds on ESG’s existing participation in the Quality Assurance for Marine Environmental Monitoring (QUASISMEME) scheme. These qualifications provide assurance of the technical competence of a testing laboratory to undertake specified analyses.

Under the certification, ESG’s Environmental Chemistry laboratory is able to carry out analysis for a number of pollutants, including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), Total Organic Carbon (TOC), and heavy metals (OES-SED and ICP-SED).

Combined with the organisation’s existing accreditations for soil and water analysis services, the addition of these tests mean that ESG is able to provide comprehensive marine monitoring support to a wide range of clients, helping them ensure their engineering projects have minimal impact on the environment.

Declan Burns, managing director, Energy & Waste Services, ESG, said: “When undertaking projects offshore, there is a whole range of stringent regulations that organisations need to comply with in order to minimise environmental pollution. This is vital to protect the public and safeguard delicate marine habitats.

“With our comprehensive array of laboratory testing services for marine monitoring, we can support clients in meeting these requirements, with streamlined analysis processes and fast turnaround times. Our UKAS accreditation will provide them with the peace of mind that they are receiving the highest quality service, so they can be sure they are doing all they can to safeguard the environment around their operations.”

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