UK emissions specialist gains Dutch RDE testing approval

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PEMS equipment for measuring RDE at Millbrook

Emission testing capabilities at Millbrook have gained the organisation approvals from Dutch RDW for conducting real driving emissions testing.

The designation of Millbrook Group for RDE testing on behalf of the Dutch approval authority comes as a result of significant investment in its Powertrain department, enabling Millbrook to develop its emissions-testing capabilities, which include accurate RDE data capture through the latest portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS).

RDW is the Dutch approval authority for the automotive industry, acting as an independent global partner to automotive manufacturers. Under RDW approval, Millbrook is able to perform testing procedures for RDE certification. The two companies have a long-standing relationship, with Millbrook a Category A technical service provider to RDW for 715/2007 emissions.

Tony Soper, Principal Engineer – Homologation, said: “Our emissions testing capabilities are constantly being upgraded, and we have the latest equipment for both lab-based and real world testing. The increasing focus globally on air quality and vehicle emissions is driving improvements in testing procedures, and Millbrook is always pushing to deliver services up to and beyond those dictated by European and global regulations.”

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