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The EMC UK event will be attended by TMD with its latest range of pulsed Travelling Wave Tube and solid state amplifiers.

TMD is attending the EMC UK event in Newbury in October with its range of broadband and narrowband medium and high power CW and pulsed TWTAs (Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers). TMD will now be showing both TWT based PTC Series and solid state PTCS Series amplifiers on stand 15.

Covering a variety of test requirements from DC to 40 GHz, with output powers up to 40 kW and using suites of TWT based and solid state amplifiers, these versatile products have applications in the EMC, scientific and medical fields, as well as in passive intermodulation (PIM) testing, telecommunications and EW simulation.

In order to ensure the most effective turnkey EMC subsystems solutions possible, TMD has fostered and maintained close working relationships with antenna and anechoic chamber experts.

TMD Extends its PTC Series Ultra-high Power TWTAs

The popular PTC Series of ultra-high power pulsed TWTAs, which has now been further extended and optimised for use in HIRF EMC testing, will be on display at the event.

Using the PTC Series instrumentation amplifiers, EMC test laboratories have generated 14,000 V/m (measured in an anechoic chamber), easily complying with the latest, most demanding RTCA/DO-160 G and L test requirements. Other standards covered include: MIL Standard, EUROCAE and AIRBUS ABD 100.

“In keeping with our philosophy of offering customers the advantages of both tube and solid state technology,” said TMD’s Technical Sales Representative, Imad Gharib, “we have also introduced a full range of solid state amplifiers, operating below 18 GHz and designated the PTCS Series. All our amplifiers offer highest reliability, compact and lightweight design and the ability to be customised for special applications.”

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