Training sessions combat noise induced hearing loss

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Protection from industrial hearing loss

Industry body launches training sessions on personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to reduce the impact of noise induced hearing loss.

With hearing loss still accounting for about 75% of all work-related injury claims in key industrial sectors such as food and drink, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) remains one of the most common occupational health problems in the UK. With this in mind, Eurosafe, an association of independent PPE distributors, has launched a new 2-day training course to help its members’ sales teams gain better understanding of key issues surrounding hearing protection and enhance their technical knowledge of PPE products. Developed in partnership with Honeywell Safety Products, the course is designed to enable Eurosafe’s members to add value to their business and help their customers find the best hearing protection solutions.

“Hearing protection is a key safety issue for a wide range of our members’ customers, in sectors as diverse as oil and gas and heavy industry through to food production,” said Eurosafe’s Chairman Stuart Boyd. “We’re grateful for the support from Honeywell Safety Products, which is internationally renowned for its expertise in hearing protection. The team could really see the benefits of the new approach and their support in helping deliver it has been valuable.”

Representatives from all of Eurosafe’s 21 member branches, from the Outer Hebrides to Bristol, have attended the training sessions. By focusing on issues, products and methods, supplemented by specific sales techniques and post-event coaching, Eurosafe aims to elevate training to something that can have tangible, measurable results long after the courses have finished. Having received extremely positive feedback from the participants, the association is now planning to launch an incentive programme in the first quarter of 2016 aligned to hearing protection.

“NIHL can cause life-changing damage and is an issue that Honeywell has been proactively addressing for many years,” comments Stuart Turnbull, Regional Safety Manager, UK, Ireland and Sub Saharan Africa, Honeywell Safety Products. “We are delighted that Eurosafe has decided to tackle this issue and glad to support its members in their new approach to training, which will add genuine value to the end users’ hearing protection programmes and help prevent NIHL.”

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