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Scania 140 V8 watch bracelet

Scania has released a wristwatch to help goods vehicle drivers monitor their health and fitness during their working day.

Adding to existing in-vehicle apps for monitoring driver performance as well as vehicle parameters, Scania is now extending its technology to watch over the health and fitness of the driver. Long periods of sitting in the driving seat broken only by short periods of physical labour can take its toll on drivers and the new Apple Watch Scania Edition can be used to track the health and fitness of the wearer.

The new watch replaces Scania’s previous “Black Griffin” wearable technology offering and also offers the same functions of fuel consumption and other vehicle data monitoring as well as driver health.

In addition to health monitoring, the watch is also able to detect when the driver needs a rest period and provides an alert to give the wearer time to recover before starting to drive again. The watch also has a built-in fall detection app, which can be useful in detecting accidents that might occur when the driver is loading or unloading the vehicle. When such an event occurs, the watch automatically dials the driver’s designated emergency contact.

Commenting on the functions available on the new Scania Edition watch, the company’s Director of Digital Business, Jonas Svanholm said, “We believe that the new watch can help drivers as they go about their daily routine.”.

Bracelet taken from V8 engine

Scania has also created a unique optional accessory to mark the launch of the Apple Watch Scania Edition. A vintage engine block from the LB 140 V8 engine has been melted down, re-forged and turned into a cast iron watch strap, called the Scania 140 V8 watch bracelet.

Scania’s Magnus Andersson explained that the bracelet was created to celebrate the V8, which is an engine configuration that has always been at the heart of Scania. “With this bracelet, we can let you wear a piece of motoring history on your wrist and connect part of our heritage to our future,” he said.

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