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New test and engineering structure at Millbrook

Millbrook is responding to market requirements in the automotive test and engineering industry with a reorganisation of its structure.

Vehicle test, validation and engineering service provider, Millbrook has created a new structure for its expert test and engineering groups.

The re-organisation sees nine existing business units amalgamated into three industry aligned groups – Vehicle (engineering, measurement, durability and component), Safety (sled, system and crash), and Powertrain (emission and engines). Each new group matches the markets to the customer bases they serve, enabling better communication both internally and with external stakeholders.

Arnaud Boulanger, Chief Operating Officer, who is responsible for Millbrook’s test and engineering business, explains: “This announcement follows numerous changes and investments in Millbrook since it became independently owned by Rutland Partners in December 2013.

“Since the purchase by Rutland Partners, Millbrook has made a number of new appointments and restructured its leadership team to drive forward change, improve customer service and increase the productivity of its business. This reorganisation strengthens Millbrook’s ability to meet its future objectives by providing its test and engineering customers with great customer service and direct links to technical expertise.”

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