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Harting MICA industrial network box

Harting partners are attending Hannover Messe to demonstrate their maintenance and condition monitoring systems based on the MICA network.

Visitors to the Hannover Messe Trade Fair can see the on its first anniversary. The network recently won new partners from Germany as well as abroad and has already received a considerable amount of interest since its founding in the wake of Hannover Messe 2016 and now numbers 20 companies from the areas of IT system integration, hardware and software development and sales, as well as IoT companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Attending the show will also be the user community for HARTING’s MICA computing system, who will present their products for energy management, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The participating companies use the to exchange experiences, cooperate on complex tasks and develop their own products using MICA.

“This type of cooperation is very valuable for all the companies and customers involved, since it permits the best expertise to be pooled for each individual case,” says Stefan Olding, Managing Director of HARTING Deutschland. Olding says this cooperation has formed well and that plans call for it to be stepped up. “HARTING is currently holding talks with numerous other interested companies in Germany and beyond,” he says.

Sensor data and “digital twin” as basis of condition monitoring

In addition to energy management, there are also applications in the field of condition monitoring, for example state monitoring based on sensor data and mapping machines as a “digital twin”. The partner companies particularly value the robustness of the MICA – which features IP67 protection – in this area.

“This allows us to capture data in the field in the simplest of ways without any location-based restrictions,” explains Guido Kaupmann, Managing Director of SDI Innovation, one of the exhibiting companies.

SDI advises clients on the selection of suitable MES providers and uses MICA as an open platform to operate corresponding software applications.

The Com-Tac company goes a step further and has developed condition monitoring over wireless LPN low power networks. Using this technology, sensor data can be read wirelessly over long distances. Consequently, the Swiss quickly converted the MICA into the LoRa Base Station.

MICA reliably monitors plant operation

Cloud-based applications will undoubtedly be looked into by anyone who wants to not just visualise the state of a machine, but rather predict it. To this end, the company Assystem Germany has demonstrated how process data from the field bus is transferred to the Microsoft Azure Cloud using MICA. “In Azure Machine Learning, the normal, error-free behaviour of the system is learnt in order to constantly monitor plant operation on the basis of this information, to identify trends and deviations, and finally to appropriately notify the operator”, explains Benno Lüdicke, Team manager SmartFactories at Assystem, regarding the function of the live application.

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