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Renewable HVO diesel extends to car use for Scania employees
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Employees of Scania are being invited to take part in a study to use Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil or HVO as a fuel in their diesel powered vehicles.

Scania employees based in Södertälje, Sweden are now able to use renewable HVO fuel in their diesel cars. The pilot programme is aimed at around 2,250 company cars and complements other sustainable commuting options available to those who work at the Swedish vehicle manufacturer.

“Scania’s approach to sustainability is firmly rooted in our core values and it stretches beyond our own products and services. Since 2015, HVO has approved as fuel for our heavy vehicles and it is very positive that we can now contribute to a broadening of the adoption of renewable diesel for cars as well, ” says Kent Conradson, Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources at Scania.

Employees at Scania’s head office who have a 4-cylinder diesel engine of the brands Audi, VW, Skoda or Seat are invited to be part of the pilot. A prerequisite is also that they have a company car or a car which is part of the company’s lease program.

“HVO is an interesting fuel that can contribute to reaching the goals for reduced CO2 emissions in a good way. We will follow the pilot at Scania with great interest, ” says Claes Jerveland, head of Volkswagen Group Sverige.

HVO stands for Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and is 100% renewable. In Sweden, HVO is mainly produced by rape seed oil and waste from the food industry. With HVO, CO2 reductions of up to 90 percent can be achieved.

Scania has since long been engaged in supporting employees to communte in a more sustainable way. Since 2012 years, Scania has provided Scania Job Express, running on 100 percent renewable fuels, from Stockholm to its head office in Södertälje.

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