Surge in marine electric propulsion reflects increase in demand

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Surge in marine electric propulsion reflects increase in demand
Electric propulsion has brought essential changes to the harsh world of marine and offshore. Electric drives are more flexible, energy efficient and reliable than their mechanical predecessors. They also accept regenerative and dynamic braking, which result in better control, increased weight reduction and even the opportunity to make use of regenerated braking energy.
As a supplier with over 15 years of sector experience, Cressall has used its engineering knowledge to provide products including Dynamic Braking Resistors, Neutral Earthing Resistors and Neutral Earthing Transformers to almost every type of marine electric powered application, from propulsion systems, bow thrusters or driving winches, to cranes, lifts, cable laying and tensioning.
Cressall offers a wide range of pre-designed braking resistors for marine electrical drives, as well as bespoke versions to suit any application. Cressall is able to provide resistors with braking powers from a few kW up to many MW. Cressall also uses a range of different cooling methods, from fresh or sea water cooling, to air cooling and natural convection.
The robust construction of Cressall’s marine range of products results in reliability and long life, even in the most severe environments. Cressall’s designs can employ a number of suitably rated resistor elements including Incoloy-sheathed mineral insulated elements, which are highly resilient to physical damage, and are significantly safer to use in harsh environments. All metalwork, including fasteners and fittings are manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel.
“Safety and reliability play a central role in everything we do,” explained David Atkins, projects director at Cressall Resistors. “We know that in harsh environments such as marine, offshore or oil and gas, these factors become paramount.”

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