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submersible hydrostatic transducers

Three ranges of submersible hydrostatic pressure sensors are available by catalogue for depth measurement in tanks, rivers and reservoirs.

The new ranges of submersible hydrostatic transducers for depth and level measurement applications from Cynergy3 Components’ are now available from RS Components in the UK with the complete line-up comprising the ILS series, the ILLS series and the ILTS series.

The seven submersible level transmitters of the ILS series have depth ranges from 0-1mWG up to 0-100mWG. Fully 316L stainless steel, with 4-20mA outputs, these are supplied complete with submersible cables of a length to suit each depth range and are suitable for many applications, including river and reservoir depth measurement.

The ILLS series of ten transducers (five each with 4-20mA and 0.5-4.5V output versions) have a variety of standard depth ranges from 0-1mWG up to 0-10mWG. As such, these transducers are suitable for smaller tanks and vessels holding liquids such as water, oils or fuels.

The third series is the ILTS range; similar to the ILLS series but they also measure the temperature of the liquid they are immersed in, providing an additional 4-20mA output over the range of -20 to +60°C. The three products in the range measure depths of 0-1mWg, 0-5mWG and 0-10mWg.

In all series, the standard PUR vented cable is assembled to the transmitter, providing the highest integrity waterproof assembly, which is already well proven in thousands of installations worldwide.

The sensing technology on all series is a highly stable piezoresistive element, which is manufactured from micro-machined silicon and supported by more than 20 years’ experience in depth and level measurement. The sensing element is isolated from the media by a stainless steel diaphragm, which provides high reliability in long-term installations. Every device is temperature compensated, individually calibrated and supplied with a traceable serial number and calibration certificate.

Each instrument measures the pressure generated by up to a certain head of water. For example, in the case of an instrument calibrated for 0-1mWG, it measures the pressure generated by up to 1 metre of water. ie the instrument is positioned at the bottom of a tank, and as the water level increases, the pressure on the sensor increases, and thus the depth of water is indicated. When it reaches 1m depth, the maximum output of the device will be reached.

Simon Dear, Sales Manager at Cynergy3 Components comments: “With a choice of voltage or current output configurations¸ small physical size and a wide range of pressures, these transducers will satisfy most applications for water level monitoring and control. Rapid availability through the extensive RS Components network means that our customers can be assured of fast turnaround for orders of any of these products.”

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